South By Scooter

By Joey Corpora (@joeycorpora)

This week I had the opportunity to check out a quirky little experimental film by Max Piantoni called South By Scooter. The film chronicle’s Max’s journey to the South Pole via his trusty scooter. The best part? The entire film is shot in one location: against what looks like his living room wall.

The movie had a sort of live-action South Park feel to it. The costumes were very colorful and the title cards looked like paper cut outs, which added to the charm. 

ProCreate South by ScooterThe best parts of the film were when Max rode his scooter; the actor was clearly standing in one spot, moving his foot to mimic pushing along the scooter, but fake piles of snow were pushed past the camera to give the illusion that he was actually moving. It was very well done and very funny.

The film didn’t take itself too seriously, which was great. At one point Max is stuck in a blizzard, which is clearly just a bunch of shredded up papers being thrown at him. When the camera pulls back, we see that is in fact what is actually happening: two extras dressed all in white are picking scraps of paper off the ground and throwing them at Max.

The film also incorporated a bit of CG effects and some puppetry, like when Max meets his new friend, a puppet penguin.

Despite Max’s hardships, he does eventually find his way to the south pole and make his mark, leaving a giant flag on a stick that says MAX.

The music is catchy and engaging, and has just the right feel for the film- quirky and upbeat, but not too overpowering. 

The film is only 5 minutes long, but it has been picked up by several film festivals already, including the Byron Bay International Film Festival, The Little Big Shots Film Festival, and the Adelaide Kids Film Festival.

I am eager to see what Max will come up with next, and whether or not he will continue with this quirky style of filmmaking or venture into more “serious” subject matter.

I personally hope he does more films like this, because South By Scooter was awesome.


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Joey Corpora is an independent filmmaker, writer, and co-founder of Platypus Underground, an entertainment company based in Philadelphia, PA. Joey attended film school at Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Arts. He enjoys a good plate of chicken parm and learning new juggling tricks. His greatest aspiration in life is to make campy monster movies that will play on Syfy and grace the DVD shelves of nerds around the world.

Cast and Crew

South by Scooter

Directed  byMax Piantoni

Cinematography byMax Piantoni

Written byMax Piantoni

Music byMax Piantoni

Edited byMax Piantoni

StarringMax Piantoni

Runtime: 6 minutes

Genre: Action, Adventure


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