Blue Dream

byFaruq Oyekan

Blue Dream, is a breathtaking short film from the mind of co-writer and director Gergő Elekes. Blue Dream tells a tale based in reality and on the life of lead actress and co- writer Kinga Galambos. Blue Dream is a film that will appeal to your softer side and inspire audiences to do more. Blue Dream mirrors films of similar inspirational qualities such as The Theory of Everything, 50/50, and Remember the Titans. Essentially Blue Dream is a short film that garners a strong emotional connection that is both refreshing and endearing.

With a runtime of five minutes, Blue Dream cuts to the chase with its narrative.  Gergő Elekes utilizes a touching and eerie narration provided by lead actress Kinga Galambos, to tell her heartwarming tale of swimming, hope, and mortality. Without providing much spoilers, Blue Dream can be considered not your typical narrative, but instead peeks into the life of what it is like to live life with a life threatening illness and the will to survive. In Blue Dream, you will not find the typical plot points such as a climax, twist, nor conclusion. What you get instead is what you see, a touching tale that is heavy on visuals and in narration.

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Kinga Galambos and Gergő Elekes showcase a skill in this short film not often gifted to many filmmakers. In Blue Dream they show their ability to make the audience feel through the film medium and exemplify the powers of visual storytellers. For film lovers and filmmakers alike, Blue Dream is a film to not only watch but to learn from.

The cinematography in Blue Dream, for the most part is top notch and breathe taking. Director Gergő Elekes utilizes underwater cameras and unique POV shots to give the audience a firsthand look at what it is life to be a swimmer and what it is like to be in the lead’s shoes. This aside, the shots used throughout Blue Dream coincidentally create a dream like feeling within audiences and play off as scenes draped in bloom.

I could not let this story vanish so I decided to make a short film instead. After having several discussions with Kinga, I sat down with my friend and co-filmmaker József Gallai to think about the screenplay. He immediately understood what I really wanted to offer the audience and wrote a great script. Filming and post-production were finished in August, 2014.

I really hope that we were able to shoot a film which can give strength and inspiration for those children and their families who have to fight this disease.

-Gergő Elekes

Overall, Blue Dream is a film you should not miss. Not only does Blue Dream showcase the power of simple filmmaking, but the power that can be found in the seemingly powerless. Kinga Galambos is frightening, touching, and will cut you deep.

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INTERVIEW with Gergő Elekes (Writer/Director)

First, what's your story? How did you become a filmmaker?

I have never received any education on filmmaking, it was a kind of love at first sight. After watching the Back to the Future trilogy I fell in love with motion pictures because they showed me the real values of our life: what is real friendship, what is real love, how should we act in various situations. Since my childhood I have been working on my mission to present these values to the audience in my films in an enjoyable way.

What inspired this short? 

As Blue Dream is based on the real life of Kinga Galambos, I can say that her life inspired me. Nowadays you can hear a lot of things about cancer and if we think of it we usually consider it fatal. When I first met Kinga and her family, she amazed me. We had several discussions about her disease, she told me every aspects of her life and I knew immediately that I have to make a film about those memories. At first I wanted to make a feature film but unfortunately after our latest feature 'Bodom', our team had to face up to budgetary problem as well as we were very exhausted. I started to convince sponsors to invest into our idea but all I found were only closed doors. 

Any interesting production stories?

Actually the swimming-pool scenes were all shot in the middle of the night. I contacted the management of a hotel in the city where I attended secondary grammar school and told them about our project. Fortunately they were really helpful and even the fact that I needed a totally empty swimming-pool could not scare them. We decided to shoot after the closing hours of the facility, which meant 10 p.m. It was unbelievable for me to make a film in a huge building like that without any restrictions.

Shooting the underwater scenes were extremely difficult because neither József Gallai nor I had done that before but I think the result was exactly what I wanted to achieve. We finished the process around 2 a.m.

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What is it like film making now after having made this film? Has your approach changed?

No, it has not basically because I had to realize a couple of years ago that film making is one of the most difficult jobs in his world. Of course it is not something like the work of a surgeon, but still has its challenging character: imagine that you have to make a film for the taste of a worldwide audience. Even if your previous movie was successful, you have to be better on the following one.

Do you have any projects lined up for the future?

Currently we are working on my friend József Gallai’s short film entitled ’Perihelion’. It will be a short film about a writer’s cinematic journey based on the poems of a wonderful Hungarian poet, Beke Tamás Tarsoly. The short will be released in March.

At the end of the year we will start the shooting of our next feature horror, which will be based on a legend. Right now it is in the pre-production 

Any advice to filmmakers?

They should never give up their dreams. I know it is a worn-out advice but believe me, it is true. There is talent inside all of us, we just have to find it and use it right. In case of a filmmaker it means, make as many films as you can to find your own style and voice.


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Faruq Oyekan is a San Diego-based screenwriter and filmmaker. Born and raised in California, Faruq dedicates his time to producing and participating in film projects across the region. Faruq's own film work consist of short film narratives that explore realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and the bizarre. To Faruq, short films are just the right length and the prime arena to inspire others with new and innovative narratives.

Cast and Crew

Blue Dream

Directed by: Gergö Elekes

Written by: Gergö ElekesKinga GalambosKitti Galambos, & József Gallai

Produced by: Gergö Elekes & Kitti Galambos

Cinematography by: Gergö Elekes & József Gallai

Starring: Kinga GalambosKriszta VörösháziBence Kovács, & József Gallai.

Full Cast & Crew

Genre: Sport Drama

Runtime: 5 minutes


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