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Seth Boyer - Half Lonely

Written by Enoch Kim (@ProCreateEnoch)

Seth Boyer is the worst kept secret of indie rock yet he still remains a secret. No one’s who’s ever been a Seth Boyer fan has ever shut about him it’s a wonder he’s still so unknown. It’s a shame because in a world of pompous singer-songwriters who think they’re going to save rock it’s Seth in the back who’s cooking up something truly special.

Boyer’s latest release, Half Lonely, marks his first big LP and a major evolution in his style. Usually accompanied by rockstar acoustic strumming, Seth’s included a fuller instrumentation including vibraphone, drums, cajon, and amp’d guitar, and despite the fuller sound Seth still manages to sound humble and grounded. His one-man rock band style stays raw and immediate which compliments the real star of the show; Seth’s lyrics.

ProCreate Seth Boyer

Between the raw production and catchy melodies Seth hides deeply personal stories of fuckups, worldweariness, and hope. They’re the kind of fuckup songs that get brush themselves off and get back up. Regrets of putting off past relationships lead to hopes that the next one will work out and laments about how fast the world passes by are countered by an effort to avoid trying to catch up. While everyone else is in the bar blubbering about how much life sucks, it’s Seth Boyer who stays sober, knowing he has to back to work tomorrow.

And it’s refreshing that amongst a genre dominated by shitfaced dudes in their mid 20’s, Seth is making mature mature music that people who aren’t self-destined to be alcoholic fuck ups can relate to.

ProCreate Seth Boyer

It helps that Seth knows how to write some fucking lyrics. Everything is Beautiful’s chorus is awfully catchy with a brilliant metaphor on expectations and vision. A New Leaf manages to be both a great musing on escapism while also being the rare videogame referential song that somehow doesn’t end up ridiculously dorky.

Somewhere there’s a bar at 3 in the morning and while there’s plenty of dudes who are willing to wail their sorrows, Seth is ready to leave so he can accomplish something tomorrow. At least that’s what I get out of Seth Boyer’s music. He’s got an undeniable rawness to him that’s never loathing or frivolous. Maybe that’s why Seth Boyer still doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Everyone’s at the bar while he’s at home cooking up something new. Fuck the bar scene anyways.

Grade: B Buy It

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Album: Half Lonely

Released: April 25th, 2014

Label: Self Released

Purchase: Amazon|Bandcamp




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