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Tara Alexander (@redtalyn)

When it comes to collaborating artists, genres do not have to be indicative of the type of music that will be produced. Aerosmith and Run DMC, Anthrax and Public Enemy, even Iggy Pop and Ke$ha; all of these collaborations brings the best of both worlds into a fusion of amazing music and prove that although genre lines are drawn deep into the sand they can be crossed with ease. Based out of Orlando, Florida,  Asidus founder and head musician Daniel Gonzalez collaborated with musicians all over the world to bring us the latest album, 'Humdrum.' The album is cool and fresh and mixes electronica with hip hop, rock, and pop and showcases some very talented yet undiscovered artists.

The album is very electronic and reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails or the Sneaker Pimps, but retains its own identity. The first track, 'Cameo,' featuring rapper Shine Brida, is a dark and ethereal piece, with Brida's vocals echoing over the tracks with a fantastic beat and rhythm. 'Sugar,' featuring singer Paul Janszen, is a slower electronic tune that has a very catchy chorus. In 'Skin', featuring The Alma Project, we are led down a dangerous path of music that is scary and wonderful to listen to. With 'Fine,' we are treated to a buzzy, choppy, and static-y track that is intense and pleasurable to hear. Mixing things up a bit with 'Chemistry' featuring Tiare Danger, the track opens with an acoustic guitar over the keyboard and mechanic drums; the track is mostly instrumental save for the one line mantra performed by Danger. The dark, foggy city of Silent Hill comes to mind when hearing 'Color,' another track featuring rapper Shine Brida, as it is slow and dark but has a nice beat coupled with the rappers' vocals.  

ProCreate Asidus

The sweeping, ethereal track 'Every Corner' again features Paul Janszen on vocals, then moves into the longest track on the album, 'All Odds,' featuring Michael Seuss and Rucher. This track is the most solid track when it comes to composition and lyrics; it is funky and sounds very different from the former tracks, showcasing talented artists and musical prowess. We hear acoustic guitars in the next track, 'Flame,' again featuring Rucher, who has lovely vocals that transition into a heavy electronic breakdown at the end of the song. Shine Brida makes another appearance on 'Flash,' a bumpy and bass heavy song that is cool and fluid. In 'Tell Me,' we are more inclined to dance as the tune is more upbeat and poppy with whispering vocals echoing over the track. The last song, 'Poof,' is a great experimental instrumentation that would sound right at home in a movie or video game. Mixing electronic tunes with fades and buzzes makes for a great track to round out the album.

I thoroughly enjoyed 'Humdrum' as I am very much a fan of electronica and collaborations across the genres. Although the album is just under 30 minutes it has a great impact and is very well done. Gonzalez's use of Acid Pro and a USB keyboard (see interview below) is brilliant and resourceful, as many independent musicians are able to free their inhibitions about the type of music they should be making and instead put out the music they want to make, regardless if it can or should be categorized. I would highly recommend this band and this album to fans of NIN, the Sneaker Pimps, and the Gorillaz. Even if you aren't a huge listener of electronica, you will definitely find something to like about this album. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel to learn more about his process and inspirations, so check out his interview below!

(You can listen to the full album here, but we encourage you to support the artist by purchasing the album from links in the sidebar)

Tell me a little bit about your background and why you formed Asidus.

Well I first started making music when I was around 14. I have always looked up to musicians so I think it was kind of natural to want to do what they do. Originally I used the program Acid Pro and used a USB keyboard so I mixed those two together and came up with the name Asidus. Since then I have just been non stop making music. I probably have made over 150 finished songs but I have lost a few of them due to my horrible habit of not backing things up ( I fixed that a couple years ago). 

What/Who are your major musical influences?

I love a lot of different types of music. Mostly the artists I look up to [are] Trent Reznor, Damon Albarn and Mike Patton. As for what really influences the style of music I make I would say Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps, Flying Lotus and some of the newer Nine Inch Nails stuff even though his first two albums are the best.

What, to you, is the best part about collaborating with other musicians?

It's just really fun sending something to someone or or sitting down with them and hearing a finished product that you know would of sounded completely different if you would have done it yourself. They all have their own way of doing things and their own styles so the whole process is really exciting.

Do you believe that as the musical genres grow and evolve that fusion will be a large part of the new age of sound and production?

We need more artists that don't worry if their music falls under a category and just make what they feel. I love albums that have rap and rock and great synths all rolled into it. I think in the coming years we will see a lot more artists come out as experimental projects and a lot of listeners still trying to cram them into subsections. But in the end putting artists into certain genres will prevail only because it helps keep order both literally and figuratively.

How do you feel about the digital revolution of music and has it helped or hindered your success?
5A:I think it's great. I have plenty of people that I can call over and make music with but the fact that I can send some one a whole track and have them send back vocals that I can edit is just great. The interaction between artists is one of the funnest things technology has brought us. Thanks to many sites like soundcloud, bandcamp and a bunch of others we are now able to expose our music to a lot of different types of listeners. The only downside is that now their are so many artists in the same boat that the playing field pretty much leveled its self out. 


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Artist's Info

Artist: Asidus

Album: Humdrum

Release: July 6, 2014

Producer: Asidus

Genre: Electronica, Hip Hop, Pop

Length: 26:24

Purchase: Soundcloud or Bandcamp

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