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Everything's Coming Up Roses by Night Terrorsof1927

Tara Alexander (@redtalyn)

The genre of indie pop has become quite prevalent these days, and even though I listen to metal most of the time, I find that as I grow older and my musical tastes evolve I have been fortunate enough to have found some really cool bands that I may not have listened to a decade ago. Night Terrors of 1927, a pop duo from L.A. consisting of former The Honorary Title frontman Jarrod Gorbal, and former Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett, have quickly become one of my new favorite acts. Their full length debut “Everything's Coming Up Roses” has risen to the top of the charts and for good reason; the album is fun, fresh, and combines elements of electronic rock and indie pop to form an amazing album.

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The optimistic and instrumentally vivid 'Dust And Bones' starts off the album, then fades into 'Running In Place,' and upbeat tune with complimentary backing female vocals. On 'Perfect Day' there is a distinct old school pop feel to it, and the message of picking yourself up and starting over after everything seems to be crashing down around you is well received. The first single from the album, 'When You Were Mine,' features the twin pop duo Tegan and Sara, whose influence can be definitely be heard on the track. The song is catchy and upbeat despitethelyricsspeakingofworkingthrough a breakup. Jarrod Gorbal's vocals are deep and strong and work perfectly for the music that he and Sennett have created. 

'Novocaine' opens with a slow acoustic guitar, giving the listener a tenuous yet hopeful feel as Gorbel sings of love healing all wounds. The retro and piano laden 'It Would Be An Honor' speeds things back up with lyrics about wanting to risk your heart, despite knowing the harsh consequences. The ethereal and ominous 'Fire With Fire' is a strong track that has a fantastic beat and urges the listener to never back down and take on the world with everything we have. The even faster, poppy track 'Always Be One' speaks of fleeting youth and longing for the days of old, overlaid by a whimsical feel. The next track, 'Shine,' has a very catchy chorus that the listener can't help but croon along to, followed by 'Always Take You Back,' a lovely, soulful tune that opens with tribal drums and chants as Gorbel sings of love undying. The last and titular track, 'Everything's Coming Up Roses,' has a dark and unsettling feel, opposing the happiness that is attached to the common saying. I was instantly reminded of the indie film “Frank” and of Michael Fassbender's haunting vocal performance as the lead character, but this track has its own identity and uses haunting female vocals to compliment the track. 

ProCreate Night Terrors

Overall, I found Gorbel and Sennett's effort to be ambitious and performed extremely well, which only helps to solidify the mark that they will make over the years to come. From their mouthful of a name to the absurdly artistic cover art on the album, these guys have made sure that they won't be ignored, yet they have found a way to make the type of music that they want to, not the kind that someone tells them to. Again, I am fascinated and impressed by the talent of new and young artists that again, I would not have listened to otherwise, and I am happy to say I will be following these guys pretty closely and looking for new acts that would be their predecessors, as they have forged their own path in the genre, one that can never be washed away. 


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Artist's Info

Artist: Night Terrors of 1927

Album: Everything's Coming Up Roses

Release: January 20, 2015

Label: Atlantic Records

Genre: Indie Pop

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