Butcher Babies - Uncovered! EP

Tara Alexander (@redtalyn)

When it comes to juxtaposition, the Butcher Babies have got it made. Out front are two beautiful front women, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, and while they may look like models, when these ladies open their mouths Armageddon spills forth. With their second studio album, 'Uncovered! EP,' the Butcher Babies have taken the metal world by a beautiful and enraged storm of epic proportions. From their humble beginnings performing at dive bars and clubs clad in black nipple tape and not much else, to commanding audiences at festival stages around the world, the Butcher Babies are on a bullet train headed straight to stardom. 


Opening with the enthusiastic chant of a live audience, 'Beer Drinker & Hell Raisers' is an awesomely heavy tribute to the colorful fans of metal. The next track, 'They're Coming to Take Me Away (Ha Ha),' is definitely my favorite, the ladies vocals playing off of the other perfectly, expressing the raw talent and vulnerability of these women; they are angry and they are not afraid to show it. Their affinity for representing the idea of an empowered woman is fantastic and I really enjoy the idea of someone who looks so enticing but has a dark demon inside. The track 'Don't Give A Fuck' is a fun and memorable anthem, followed by 'Crazy Horses,' and 'Pussy Whipped,' two hardcore tracks that showcase excellent guitar work and the charisma of the two front women. Although the album has only five tracks, they are strong and punctuated, and each one has the strength to stand on its own. I have had the pleasure of seeing the Babies live and they are not onlygreatvocalists buthavethe drawandabilitytoreally pump up a crowd, plus they are quite easy on the eyes, making it that much easier to fall under their spell.

The Butcher Babies have only begun to shake up the metal world, and their tenacity and marketability are something I know will take them incredibly far. With each tour and the recording of new music they are maturing and creating a sound and style that is all their own.Ilookforwardto seeing them again live in the future, and soon they will be back in the studio to lay down a full length album that I hope will blow previous works out of the water. Definitely a band to watch!


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Artist's Info

Artist: Butcher Babies

Album: Uncovered! EP

Release: September 30, 2014

Label: Century Media Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Producer: Logan Mader



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