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Written by Enoch Kim (@ProCreateEnoch)

As a preface: If you live in Southern or Bay Area California and you are not currently listening to 105.7 FM, what the fuck are you doing with your life?

I’ve been obsessed with juke for an year and obsessed with chiptune and the tracker scene since like…. forever. So when I heard plans by sci, a tracker/idm musician who I’ve been a huge fan of for a few years now, to release a juke EP under his anosa alias I got super excited. So let me cut to the chase: is totally worth listening to whether you’re an IDM fan or just want something to jump around to. is to chicago juke what ilkae did to demoscene in ‘01, both putting a clever IDM-flavored spin on their respective genres. Both blend influences breakcore and EDM influences seamlessly and the result is something that’s worth repeat listens. More than the IDM fusion, is clearly influenced by the tracker/IDM style that was pioneered by ilkae’s first album pistachio island (i mean it’s right in the freaking name).

Sci constantly plays around with repeated bars, and interrupted flows but he also throws a monkey wrench with the use of repetitive flow breaks. Bars that go off tempo are repeated ad nauseum and its use lends a restrictive, yet undeniably funkier flow than many tracker/demoscene tracks. It’s sci’s use of controlled, almost robotic funk that sells the IDM/juke fusion as something that both complexly composed and perfectly danceable, which is something often forgotten in “intelligent dance music”.

But it’s not like sci flaunts this IDM side. He openly embraces juke as something for the floor. 80’s soul and funk samples are in full effect and saublre makes liberal use of  Snoop Lion’s infamous “smoke weed er’ryday” line. There’s none of that snobbiness that’s an unfortunately well-earned stereotype of IDM. It’s goofy fun that welcomes but doesn’t force closer listening.

I didn’t like everything about however. Some tracks felt cut short. I don't have any beef about the actual lengths of each song; ilkae made song in pistachio island last an average of one and a half minutes and I absolutely love that album and that's because every track felt fully realized and there was merely no filler to extend every track's length to 3 minutes. But I’m left with a feeling that some of the concepts behind the tracks haven’t been fully fleshed out. No track is bad, but at least half of them leave me wondering where the other two minutes of the track went. shooting starla’s ending was particularly disappointing. It felt like there was just one more sharp turn to take the samples after the autotune break.

Gripes aside, there was nothing that stopped me from full-heartedly enjoying It is a funky-as-hell album that gave me the urge to get up and dance. If nothing, it’s only eleven minutes long so it’s not you’re wasting that much time if it’s not your thing. I recommend checking it out and throwing sci a buck if you liked it.

Grade: B-  Listen to It

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sorry, i accidentally made hyperjuke too :/
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Released: March 2, 2014

Purchase: Bandcamp

Producer: sci

Label:  Self-Released

Website: tumblr



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