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Tara Alexander (@redtalyn)

The energy of life can be pushed and pulled by many things and for many different reasons. We as humans are always striving to make our energy more positive, to flow in a direction that will lead us on the path to success, health and happiness. The best part about this energy is that we have a plethora of talented artists and musicians that are more than willing to give us what we need to manifest positivity, be it via music, imagery, or words. I recently discovered a musician whose sole purpose in life was to do just that: bring about positivity and help those who cannot seem to find their own direction. Robert Alexander, the mastermind behind Trüth, is a talented individual from Ventura, California, whose debut album is a collection of ambient soundscapes that are perfect for meditation, rest, or to propel deep thoughts. 

Right from the opening track 'The Heart,' featuring talented singer Ioana Garret, the listener is transported to a dreamy, wispy world were minimal instrumentation and electronic  soundscapes  are the soundtrack to your so called escape. Each song lends itself to the Psi Fi audio  dimensionalization  technology that Alexander incorporates, as each one starts with basic components, then evolves into its own track with individual elements. Tracks like 'Ebb and Flow' and 'Attracting Positive Abundance' are ethereal, sweeping tracks that create an ambient environment around the listener. 'Harek,' featuring Melanie Elkin, is lovely track with wavering tones and flowing vocals, and darker tracks like 'In Dreams' and 'The Gateway' guide the listener to a deeper plane of motion and sensation that only seeks to soothe and comfort the mind. 

ProCreate Truth

Meditation is all about finding your center and focusing your energies, and it is easy to do as with tracks like 'Astral Manifestation' featuring Alfred Tumblin, and 'Acoustic Freedom,' the latter of which uses non electronic instruments and loose vocals to lull the listener into their perfect state of mind. 'Giving Back' and 'Simple Kindness' are great examples of the sorrowful side of the album, yet do not deviate from the main message of relaxation and positivity. In 'Song of the Soul' featuring Ginger Adams Little, the uses of motivational chanting and spacey tones reach the listener in a way that makes for perfect stillness and silence within. With 'Less is More' and 'Intuition' the listener will be filled with overtly positive energy and experience it on a larger scale than before. 'Remember That You Are Awesome' is a great track that will pump up the listener with confidence and sensibility, before sending them off into 'Every Day Magic,' a climatic track that features the quiet sounds of falling rain to round out an optimistic experience.  

There are many times in my life where I find myself wishing for a moment of peace and quiet, and when those rare opportunities do arise, I know that I have found an album that will take me on a journey, that will allow me to relax while boosting my energy at the same time. I am grateful to Robert Alexander for the chance to experience his work and I recommend that all of my readers do the same, whether it be for five minutes or an hour, make sure to take time for yourself and keep your focus on attaining happiness in the best way that you possibly can. 

I had the great pleasure of talking with Robert; check out his answers below!

Tell me a bit about your background and why you formed Trüth.

Absolutely! I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and I grew up feeling a strong connection to music and spirituality. My views on both music and spirituality both were definitely interdependent with one another. I knew that there was a connection with music and how it can do so much for people. As most of us know, music is incredibly powerful. I wrote my first song around the age of 8 or 9 and I always wanted to show off what types of music I could create. As I was entering my teenage years, I began to explore many genres of alternative music of the 1990's and the emerging field of electronic music. I picked up the guitar without any lessons, started to craft melodies as a singer / songwriter and started to follow musicians and venues that deeply motivated and inspired me. As I reached my 20's and early thirties, I started to diversify my music tastes even more, which led me to connect with incredible people who help me license my music and help me create my debut album "21st Century Flow". I play guitar, DJ and self produce my own music. I have seen myself get more involved with unique circles that are widely accepting of my work - Yoga Instructors, Bodyworkers, those who are curious in exploring a unique genre of music and many more! Wow... what a journey it has been... and indeed, it's not stopping anytime soon!

I chose the moniker "Trüth" (not to be confused with the bands called "Truth" from the USA and New Zealand) because music is incredibly "truth' - ful and powerful. Those who listen and resonate with my sound can feel the powerful presence that it carries. I started this project with a pure intention - to help others find their own unique connection with the music that I am creating. Many people have shared with me the powerful effects of my music productions and I definitely do not call this conscience. Everybody has their own way of relating and I only intend to inspire, motivate and empower others when they hear my music (whether through listening to my music on speakers or playing a live set). I am grateful that I have such an incredible audience!

What/Who are your musical influences?

Wow - that's a loaded question! I have many! I'll list as many as I can think of on the top of my head:

BT, Charles Webster, Four-Tet, Bonobo, The Starseeds, Daniel Berkman, Celeste Lear, Artemis, Divasonic, Christopher Willits, Tycho, Thievery Corporation, Ruxpin, REM, Red House Painters, Melanie Elkin, Gus Gus, Proem, Hammock, Veruca Salt, Liz Phair, Juliana Hatfield, Nirvana, Emiliana Torrini, Duncan Sheik, my grandmother, Ella Fitzgerald, Telepopmusik, Bassnectar, Way Out West, Definition Positive, Junkie XL, The Beloved, Aphex Twin, Miguel Migs, Flunk, Massive Attack, John Martyn, Bjork, Ben Harper, Beth Orton, Lamb, Nina Simone, Groove Armada, Everything But The Girl, Enya - and many.... many... more!

Can you explain your LifeRhythms project and what you hope to accomplish?

Absolutely! My LifeRhythms project is actually a business that offers creative services, sound design and lifestyle development services. I have realized that there are many people who are unable to conform to a business model that doesn't truly serve their needs - so I made the decision to create a structure that caters to what they are needing most. I always love cultivating authentic relationships and finding a way to help create community in a forward moving way. I believe that every person is unique and we all deserve to have our personal and professional needs met in a healthy way. I am here to help others thrive in all aspects of life. I am also creating customized soundscapes for healing, meditation and greater well-being. I am very excited to bring this type of product to our planet! Regardless, there are many of us who have similar goals and we all desire to help others (besides only ourselves). This is exactly why LifeRhythms was created!

What attracts you to soundscapes, and why do you feel they are so effective when it comes to altering moods and emotions?

What an amazing question, Tara! I believe that music is multidimensional. When I am drawn to different soundscapes, I feel like there is much more than my body and mind connecting with the music. I truly believe that soundscapes are effective when one is literally 'in tune' with the music. Music is a vibration and I believe that we are walking vibrations (molecules, etc). Vibrations can easily affect moods and emotions. After all, it can be a very simple action to elevate or lower a "positive vibe". Without getting too deep - I feel that music is just as powerful as any natural force of nature. Music can easily change a mood or emotion in a heartbeat. As long as we are receptive to the soundscape - serious magic can occur!

How do you feel about the digital revolution in music and has it helped or hindered your success?

To be completely honest with you - I have mixed emotions. What a beautiful gift that we presently have! At the same time, gifts can also become cursed in a heartbeat. In some ways, this revolution can serve musicians well, however there are many drawbacks - way too many of both! Isn't it beautiful that we are living in an age where others can explore their passions - however if one wants to create success (especially with music or any other field), one must truly be persistent and follow their heart. This digital revolution can easily create opportunity just as much as it can create pitfalls. I believe that the digital revolution has helped me create tremendous success. Regardless of how much information and platforms there are, I take comfort that there are so many ways to bring my music to so many listeners and those who desire to listen to what I am creating. I wouldn't be where I am without riding the waves of this digital revolution.


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Tara Alexander has been writing as soon as she could put pen to paper, and although she has only been reviewing music professionally for a few years, she has been an avid partaker in the music scene her entire life. She has been published on various websites and is always looking for opportunities to build upon her already expanding resume. A native North Carolinian, she now spends most of her free time in Michigan writing, playing video games with her husband, or watching too much television.



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Artist: Truth

Album: 21st Century Flow

Release: January 2, 2015


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