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Trailer Alert: Following a Leak, Marvel Releases First Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

by Steven Panzarella (@ProCreateSteve)


Marvel had announced last night that a week from then they would be releasing the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer to the public, during Agents of SHIELD on ABC. Thanks to a very ill timed leak they have scrapped that idea and have posted it on the internet now, instead of me describing it why don't you just watch (I doubt you read any of this anyway) 


Now that you've watched it (Probably at least twice) lets talk for a moment about what we saw. First off, James Spader sounds ridiculously awesome as the big bad Ultron. He might have been the perfect choice to voice him and I don't think they are regretting it at all. Second, Marvel has a real knack for making a two minute trailer, showing a lot of action and not giving it any substance. So we see dejected looks, beat up heros and Hulk battling Ironman in the Hulk Buster suit and we know nothing. Third, How great is the usage of "Ain't No Strings On Me"? Fourth, HULK vs Hulk Buster!!!! Ok now go watch it again and start your countdown clock for May 2015.  


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