Robin Williams

Robin Williams Dead at the Age of 63…Looking Back at One of the All Time Greats

by Steven Panzarella (@ProCreateSteve)

Robin Williams Dead at the Age of 63…A Retrospective of One of the All Time Greats

Today we lost a singular, superior, and wonderful talent, a comedian and actor unlike anyone we have ever seen before and we will ever see again. Today one of the all-time greats left this earth and left millions of people like myself totally floored. I am shocked, I am saddened, and I am even (selfishly) angry for the loss of Robin Williams. My first encounter with Robin Williams was not with Mork or even Dead Poets Society but with The Genie in Aladdin, Genie remains one of his most memorable performances and one of the great Disney characters. Of course an actor as well as a stand-up comedian and it would be the stand-up comedy that drew me to him. In 2001’s Robin Williams Live on Broadway, the Oscar winning actor gave a manic, over the top performance which is something we would come to expect from one of the funniest people on this planet. That was one of the first times I laughed until I cried, nearly vomited from laughter. I admired Robin Williams, I loved his choice in movie/ TV roles, from the balls to the walls early years as Mork, his incredible voice work as The Genie or his touching Oscar nominated/winning work in Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, The Fisher King, and  of course Dead Poets Society. Even his most recent (and short lived) work on The Crazy Ones contained memorable performances from Williams each episode.  He could make you laugh until your stomach hurt, he could make you reflective, and he could bring you to tears. My favorite way of remembering an actor or a performer as talented as Robin Williams is not to write pages analyzing each work, I did that in college, instead I will just show you some clips. These clips of Robin Williams doing what he did best making us laugh, making us cry, and making us think. I am angry that he has left this planet before his time and I am sad that a man with his talents is gone long before he should. Rest In Peace Oh Captain My Captain. Note- Robin Williams finished 4 films yet to be released prior to his death including Indie comedy Merry Friggin' Christmas, big budget sequel Night at The Museum: Secret of The Tomb, Dito Monteil Drama Boulevard, and he lent his voice to the Kate Beckinsale and Simon Pegg flick Absolutely Anything

Mork Meets The Fonz


Good Morning Vietnam

Carpe Diem!!

Oscar Award Winning Scene from Good Will Hunting

The Genie

Never Had a Friend

Robin Williams Sets The Actors Studio Ablaze

Golf(Strong Language)

Live on Broadway Open(Strong Language)

Ode to Robert DeNiro

And one to Al Pacino

Getting Crazy

Robin Williams Wins The Oscar

Mrs. Doubtfire Goes to a Sex Shop 


Posted by Laura Wilkens on
Well done Steven! A sad day in history to lose a man of such talent due to mental illness. I hope our country wakes up and begins to take this illness seriously!!
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