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We live in an amazing time where it is easier than ever to make and distribute content whether you are making short films, music tracks, dance routines, or anything artistic.  But at the same time more and more people expect free work which is why it’s great to find a way to do the hardest thing as an artist, get paid.

That’s where Pond5 can help out.  We sat down with the marketing and development producer, James Wright, to go over how the ProCreate community and the artistic community at large can take advantage of what they offer to further their artistic and career goals.  

In addition to their stock image/video/sound project they are working on getting public domain digitized and available for everyone to use.  This is a great initiative as some of the greatest stories ever made can be remade into something new and exciting that can tremendously impact our current culture.  Just ask Disney, their most popular animated films are almost all based on public domain works.  Check it out the video and some of the samples.

Pond5 Public Domain Examples

Interview w/James Wright of Pond5

How long has Pond5 been around?

The company was founded in 2006 as a way for video producers to license content to third parties. It subsequently expanded into other media types, including photos, music, sound effects, 3D models, illustrations and motion graphics.

What are some of the clients/users you have worked with?

Our footage has been featured on A&E, HBO, Netflix, PBS, ABC, FOX and other major national television networks. Recent television credits include Mythbusters, Portlandia and the Amazing Race and recent feature films credits such as Don Jon and Dallas Buyers Club.

How many countries are you guys?

Our site is translated into 8 different languages and a few others are on the way. We have employees in 18 different countries from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Who is your competition and how do you differentiate yourself?

Our competition are stock media agencies that obtain their content from an exclusive group of contributors. These agencies then set their own prices for this content and return typically between 10%-40% to their contributors upon sale. Often times these agencies have restricted licensing. At Pond5, anyone can contribute content, and our contributors set their own prices. We guarantee a full 50% return and all of our licenses are royalty-free and non-exclusive. The buyer can use the content across all media as often as they like in perpetuity, and the contributor retains the rights as well.

What's your company's goal?

Our goal has always been to fuel creativity by empowering, connecting and inspiring media makers around the world. We want to do so by building the world’s most fair and comprehensive marketplace for creativity, including the largest online collection of high quality royalty-free media in multiple formats. Being artist-friendly is a fundamental part of that vision, and that’s why we will continue returning 50% guaranteed to our contributors.

How long have you been with the company?

I’ve been with the company since November 2014.

What do you do for the company?

I’m a marketing and development producer, which means that I help bring this brand to market in as many ways as possible. Based in Los Angeles, I have access to a large community of content creators, so I attend user groups, local screenings, and speak with production companies, post production facilities and ad agencies regarding our product here in LA, as well as finding opportunities to activate our brand internationally. I’m currently headed to Hong Kong to exhibit in the FILMART television market, and have just returned from Columbia, Missouri, where we sponsored the True/False Film Fest.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

I see this company thriving in a media-rich landscape where all types of digital media are increasingly uploaded and downloaded by a large global set of content creators and users.

What can the ProCreate community members get out of your services?

Pond5 is an excellent tool for the ProCreate community because Team ProCreate is entirely composed of individuals in the creative digital arts. Musicians, videographers, editors, producers, photographers, graphic designers and animators can use our website to access our vast collection to buy or sell content.

What got you interested in the ProCreate community?

We are always looking to partner with groups of creative individuals. Team ProCreate and Pond5 members are individuals actively pursuing their passions in the creative arts, so it makes sense to work together so that our communities can thrive by having the best available resources, whether it’s the creative content of Pond5 or an industry services network such as ProCreate.

What does Pond5 mean? Where are the other 4 ponds?

Haha. We get this question all the time. I believe the four other ponds are the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic. We’re the digital kin to those other vast bodies. It’s also the name of a Monet painting - it’s hanging in Paris somewhere, I believe. Whatever it means, I can tell you the water is perfect, dive in!

End of interview

If you’re interested in learning more or feel that we missed some questions feel free to check out the site or shoot them an email.
James Wright, Marketing and Development Producer


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