John Boyega and Daisy Ridley star in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Last Night's Star Wars Trailer Premier Was Absolute Chaos

by Steven Panzarella (@ProCreateSteve)

Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer Screenshot

So to say yesterday was a historic night in the Film industry would be putting it lightly. It was around a week ago when we found out that the Star Wars The Force Awakens full trailer would premier during half time of the New York Giants- Philadelphia Eagles game on Disney owned ESPN, during the same announcement we also found out that Tickets would be going on sale around the same time. I don’t know if we were all ill-prepared or just didn’t realize how excited we were or maybe in a state of pure jedi induced euphoria because when the tickets went on sale about an hour before the Giants-Eagles game kicked off we as one nerdy force craving unit sent major Movie theater websites into an unprecedented stand still that I personally haven’t seen before. According to Deadline, 1,000 different showings at AMC theaters all over the country were sold out in the first 12 hours of being on sale, not only that but Fandango, AMC,, Alamo Draft House websites went down for what seemed like hours. When I attempted to access Fandango to attempt to buy tickets for the Manhattan AMC/Regal theaters I was unable to actually look at show times, The fandango app worked better but only to tell me which showings were sold out, when I found tickets I was able to get as far as filling out how many I wanted. It was a scenario where more people were entering the queue to check out then had ever been handled by any of the websites seen above. It sent me running to Bow Tie Cinemas to find a showing on Saturday night. As it stands it seems like most people have been able to find tickets now that the chaos of last night had subsided but it did leave many fans cursing at their computers as they waited to buy tickets. It turns out the historic crash of the internet’s movie ticket websites would turn into absolutely stunning presale numbers. IMAX reported that they had sold $6.5 million in presale tickets over the first 12 hours of tickets sales, if you are wondering why that is so important it’s because IMAX has NEVER (Yes, NEVER) made more than $1 million in presale tickets. The IMAX numbers are crazy but Fandango also reported that they sold 8 times as many tickets as they had for the previous presales record holder The Hunger Games.  If they took bets on Box Office take (They actually might, you can bet on everything in Vegas) I think it’s a sure thing Star Wars The Force Awakens shatters every box office record that exists. The unprecedented ticket sales may have began at around 7pm last night but it wasn’t until around 1030 last night that the Giants and Eagles (A fairly unwatchable football game) went to half time and for 2 and half minutes time stood absolutely still.


It’s truly a wonderful, tear inducing trailer and the best one yet. Yes, we all still have a lot of questions like where is Luke!? Is that Lupita Nyong’o we hear in the trailer? Why does John Boyega’s Finn have a light saber? Finn is actually a Storm Trooper and not pulling a Luke and Han? Yet with all of the questions but for a second let’s just take in how awesome it is to be a Star Wars fan and how excited we all are for December 18th. No matter how excited you are, you still probably aren’t as excited as the films two leads Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. If you didn’t believe they were excited then you haven’t seen their Instagram’s recently which someone was kind enough to put onto youtube in one very entertaining post. 


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