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From Kickstarter to Theaters: The Importance of The Veronica Mars Movie

Written by Steven Panzarella(@ProCreateSteve)


Ok so let me begin this by stating that I am a huge fan of Veronica Mars, I have been watching the 3 seasons on DVD for years since the show has been off air so my opinion might be a little biased. It’s a genius noir with fantastic dialogue and interesting characters. It's one of those shows that was so good but not enough people watched it. So as soon as the kickstarter was announced by creator Rob Thomas and the show's stars(See above video) I gave it a few bucks and over a record breaking day and a half the movie was fully funded and leaps and bounds over its 2 million dollar mark. It not only helped other projects get funded but people like Zach Braff (successfully funded his own movie after Veronica Mars success) and Spike Lee (unsuccessfully attempted to fund a project of his own) sprang into action to attempt the same feat.


Now that Veronica Mars has hit theaters today it has already made over $200 thousand dollars at midnight releases with more money coming from Friday night and Saturday night ticket sales.  Warner Bros. who agreed to distribute the movie says it would be extremely happy if Veronica Mars made $1 million over the weekend. The real importance of this weekend is to show studios that this Kickstarter thing is not a fad, that it is possible to crowd fund a major motion picture and have it be successful at the box office. It opens up doors for more of these reunion movies and opportunities to bring the fans what they want. It may not be the future of Crowd Funding but if this movie makes anything over $1 million dollars at the box office (It is appearing in 291 AMC theaters all across America) and on VOD it will be nothing short of a miraculous event. If the $5.7 million dollars is not enough to show that then certainly good reviews and a big turnout in theaters should greenlight a Veronica Mars sequel and maybe reunions of TV shows that are now off the air like what we’ve seen with Sex and The City and an upcoming Entourage film are more than possible. Those HBO shows were award winning and ran for years, Veronica Mars had 3 seasons on CW and UPN before cancellation.  The success of Veronica Mars could make it possible for fans of cult classic TV shows to see more of that thing they love. I might be a little biased but this movie has already shown it can be nearly fully funded by the fans. It might just show us that it can make a difference in the future of your favorite show, or comic, or that cult movie that no one saw but happens to have thousands of rabid fans. Those fans, if given the opportunity, may just be able to spring into action to put something special to them on screen. Imagine watching a show that you loved, a show that's ending is unsatisfying and open ended. You have waited years for closure and all of a sudden, out of nowhere that closure is given to you in the form of a 107 minute motion picture. How does that feel? Pretty damn satisfying if you ask me. If no one else likes this movie but the fans that paid for it then I think it was $20 dollars well spent. 

Watch the film hereVeronica Mars


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