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Daniel Radcliffe Romantic Comedy Set for August Release

Written by Steven Panzarella(@ProCreateSteve)

Last Year CBS Films picked up the romantic comedy/drama The F Word after its solid premier at the Toronto film festival, now the film has gone through a name change to What If and is set for an August 1st release in LA and NY then expanding it across the country in the weeks that follow. It was one of the more buzz worthy films to come out of Toronto last year especially since it’s cast which might not have been huge back then is pretty great now. A cast that is including Girls star and future Sith Lord Adam Driver, Game of Thrones star Oona Chaplin, Life of Pi star Rafe Spall and That Awkward Moment star Mackenzie Davis. The Movie is led by the busy Daniel Radcliffe (Frankenstein, The Brooklyn Bridge) and up and coming indie darling Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks,Happythankyoumoreplease). The movies tells the story of two people who hit it off while at a party but are forced to remain nothing more than friends because the girl is in a long term relationship.

Daniel Radcliffe Zoe Kazan

Daniel Radcliffe is just going to do each and every genre and to me nothing is more commendable. Not only is he becoming a really great actor who worked on a TV Drama/Comedy in A Young Doctors Notebook, to of course Fantasy (Harry Potter), and Horror (The Women in Black, Horns, Frankenstein), as well as Drama (Kill Your Darlings), and upcoming works include a biopic (Brooklyn Bridge), and a thriller (Tokyo Vice). He is a busy guy and I think especially after Kill Your Darlings the ceiling for Radcliffe is sky high.  

When's the last time you've watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone? Relieve those memories here.


Posted by Adele on
All of my questions selated-thtnks!
Posted by Marcos on
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