Michael Keaton stars as a washed up actor in Birdman.

Al Pacino vs. Michael Keaton, Who Will Play This Years Best Washed Up Actor?

by Steven Panzarella (@ProCreateSteve)

DING, DING, DING, in one corner, an Oscar award winning actor known for being one of the all time greats for starring in movies like The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Scent of a Women, Heat, and Scarface. In the other corner, a man who played Batman, Beetle juice, and earned a golden globe nomination for Live from Baghdad in 2002(Or am I the only one who remembers that one?) One is Al Pacino. Pacino, who stars in The Humbling which is directed by Barry Levinson (You Don't Know Jack). Other than his award nominating role as Jack Kevorkian in You Don't Know JackPacino who is a personal hero of mine seems to have thrown in the towel on acting well, even seeming to not be as into his work on the Broadway version of Glengarry Glen Ross (I left disappointed by his performance). The other is Michael Keaton, who stars in the Oscar buzzed Birdman. Keaton still does supporting roles in films like Need for Speed and RoboCop but Birdman is his first major lead in sometime. Both are starring in films about washed up actors, the best part about Keaton’s film is he is playing an actor best known for his role in a series of superhero films. Pacino is playing a thespian past his prime and as his body and mind begin to leave him behind he begins a relationship with a feisty lesbian (Greta Gerwig). Take a look at both trailers below and let me know on twitter or in the comments which role and film excites you more. 

The Humbling

Directed by Barry Levinson

Starring: Al Pacino, Greta Gerwig, Kyra Sedgwick, Dianne Wiest, Charles Grodin and Nina Ariande. 


Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Starring: Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Amy Ryan, Merritt Weaver and Andrea Riseborough.



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