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My Favorite Movies and Moments on Film in 2015

The Oscars: What They Got Wrong, What They Got Right, and Who I like

Steven Panzarella takes his first swipe at this years Oscar Picks and also takes a look at what the Academy missed.

The Revenant

The Short- It is as beautiful as it is brutal but The Revenant is a fitting follow up for Oscar Winner Alejandro G. Inarritu and it could be the performance that finally lets Leonardo DiCaprio give an…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hearkening back to the original trilogy, J.J. Abrams has created a proper reintroduction to the Star Wars universe. Written with just enough of that Star Wars cheesiness, loads of humor and an excelle…


Spotlight is an inspiring, overwhelming masterpiece of filmmaking about the special team of Boston Globe investigators that uncovered a massive cover-up within the Catholic Church. Tom McCarthy direct…

Last Night's Star Wars Trailer Premier Was Absolute Chaos

Steven Panzarella was not the only person who went absolutely nuts after Star wars tickets went on sale and the full trailer premiered.

Steve Jobs

A Danny Boyle-Aaron Sorkin team-up seemed like a great idea on paper and it’s even better in practice. A Sorkin script directed by the Oscar winning director is a gift to viewers; it is a blisteringly…

The Gift

The Gift is one of those rare summer surprises that hits all of the right notes. Expertly crafted by first time director Joel Edgerton, the Zero Dark Thirty actor’s fantastic direction wratchets up te…

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